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The top 5 blogs of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship can mean something different to somebody compared to what it means to somebody else. When it comes to entrepreneurship there are tips, ideas, opinions and advice that could be followed along the way.

Today, we are going to cover 5 must-read blogs for entrepreneurs and highlight key points in the blog to help you jump start your dreams.

1. Mixergy, by Andrew Warner- This blog was meant to help during the startup development and growth stages. Andrew made this blog so readers could understand the importance of product development and start-up marketing.

2. Small Business Trends- This entrepreneurship blog covers almost all major topics from marketing, development, sales and logistics. It offers the skill sets a reader would need to grow their business.

3. The Entrepreneurial Mind by Dr. Jeff Cornwall- This interactive e-learning platform focuses on providing in-depth business insights to small business owners. This blog wants to help entrepreneurs create a name for themselves.

4. Startups.Co- This blog features articles on entrepreneurship, startup mistakes and failures, and interviews of top entrepreneurs and startup founder. It helps entrepreneurs learn the do’s and don’ts of entrepreneurship.

5. Under 30 CEO- This blog focuses on young entrepreneurs giving their tips and experiences for readers. It highlights best business practices, productivity and core strengths.

After taking a look at these highlighted blogs you will find a better understanding of what entrepreneurship entails for different types of people.

Stay tuned for next month's blog to see what will be talked about next!

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