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Help the Earth AND Woo Your Valentine? Count Us In!

When it comes to living sustainably, there are a lot of things to take into account that we don't think about. Practicing sustainably isn't just about recycling plastic bags from the grocery store, there are many more ways that couples can practice minimizing their carbon footprint.

One of the first steps that can be taken starts with the the most important part of any meal: the plates.

There are many options for dishware and utensils that are made sustainably or are created using eco-friendly practices. For example, on has a lot of great options dinnerware that are a range of prices. Some of the sets mentioned on the site even come complete with silverware as well!

When it comes to the actual main course, there are many, many ways in which you can cut down on your carbon-footprint. Here are just a few from

  1. Shop locally. When shopping for your romantic dinner, consider shopping at local stores or small produce stands instead of large chain businesses. This not only helps local neighbors but also helps cut down on the amount of over-farming taking place.

  2. Eat less meat. Raising livestock uses a lot of water and other natural resources. There are also many companies who do not raise their animals humanely so by eating less or no meat at all, you will be greatly cutting down on resource use as well as decreasing greenhouse gas emission levels.

  3. Eat more plants. Eating more fruits and veggies, especially those in season, is not only great for the environment but is also better for our bodies overall health.

  4. Try new types of seafood. There are many types of fish that are overfished, which hurts marine life. Trying new and less popular types of seafood is another way to help the earth a little at a time. Seafood is also quite romantic!

  5. Reduce food waste. When shopping, it is always easy to buy too many things that you may not need, especially when trying to impress that special someone. However, make a list before you go grocery shopping to ensure that you don't buy unnecessary items that will eventually go to waste and with the money saved here, maybe you could buy an extra gift for your special someone!

  6. Expand your knowledge. The first step to shopping sustainably is knowing how to cook. The more you know about the art of cooking, the easier it will be to shop smarter and cook better meals for the love in your life!

Stay tuned for another sustainable living post later this month!

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