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Sustainable Clothing Collections to Add to Your Wardrobe

Shopping locally and sustainably for anything can be difficult as it is. As many people know, many clothing companies outsource when it comes to the creation of their clothing. However, typically companies outsource to second and third world countries where the workers receive less than a livable wage and work in horrible conditions with terrible hours. Not only are the items products made of things that are not good for the environment, the entire overall process is not a sustainable way to produce products or for those helping create the products to live. So, here are a few brands that are upping their game when it comes to sustainability!


Patagonia has been one of the front runners for creating sustainable and environmentally healthy clothing. Focusing on outer, swim and athletic wear, Patagonia makes clothing for men, women and children. Their sizes range from XXS-XXL. The company uses recycled materials and organic cotton to create their pieces.

However, this brand can get a bit pricey depending on your taste in clothes. But, despite the price, shopping with this brand is worth it for the positive impact they have on the earth. On their website,, you can not only shop, but also learn more about what the company is doing and how you can make a difference in helping to save the world.

Levi Strauss:

Levi's have been around for many, many years; I'm sure you even own a pair or two! But, I bet you didn't know that Levi's is not only making a name for themselves by being "the" denim brand, but they also are making a name for themselves in the sustainability sector.

The brand uses recyclable denim, ethically sourced cotton and does all possible to reduce water consumption and usage. They all give back often to its communities and employees. Being a bit more affordable than Patagonia and providing sizes XXS-XXL, you can find your perfect pair of jeans and other accessories for yourself or any family member at


Toms is another company that has created its entire brand around sustainability. From the products used to create the shoes to the working conditions of its employees, Toms is a brand to be admired.

The company focuses on providing 'fair and equal pay' and its 'one-to-one giving model.' This model is based on the practice of donating one pair of shoes for every pair bought in stores. The brand is around the same price as other shoe competitors and has a variety of items for adults and children! To learn more about their practices or buy a pair for yourself, visit

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